Oncology Facials
There are numerous benefits to getting a facial for anybody— think glowing skin, better
circulation, extreme hydration and reduced irritation and inflammation of the skin— and when
you are going through, or have gone through an oncology treatment of any kind, a facial can be
especially beneficial to you.
Here at Resolutions MedSpa, our licensed Estheticians are certified in Oncology Esthetics,
which is a highly specialized field designed to equip technicians to expertly treat those going
through Radiation, Chemotherapy or surgeries due to various cancers. Our hope is that through
our specialized Oncology Facial treatment, performed by caring, certified technicians, cancer
patients will experience much needed rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and healing in a professional
and caring environment.
Due to the many changes your skin may have endured or is enduring through various medical
treatments, it is imperative to be in the hands of a certified and compassionate Esthetician to
ensure no irritation, harm or pain. Our luxurious facials will help you to relax, knowing that we
only use the safest and most gentle products on your fragile skin. By analyzing your skin, and
basing our treatment on your skin type and needs, you will leave feeling like a new person.
While a standard facial typically includes a cleansing, exfoliation and steam treatment, as well
as providing extraction treatments and a rejuvenating mask, our special Oncology Facial
eliminates the use of all exfoliation, extractions and steam, using only the most gentle methods
that ensure healing and relaxation for your body, mind and soul. Our special technique includes
moisturizing, detoxification, blood flow stimulation, and brightening of the skin in a way that will
have you feeling wonderful and refreshed.
Benefits of our specialized Oncology Facial may include:
Reduced pressure and swelling
Skin hydration
Reduced irritation
Maintaining self image and appearance
Brighter, more vibrant skin
Improved circulation
Learning to care for your skin
Reduced tension
Here at Resolutions Medspa, we are proud to offer all of our clients the best and most
professional care possible. If you are experiencing cancer to any capacity, we sympathize with
you and want you to know that you are in good hands when you come here for any treatments
that we offer.