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Facial micro needling for anti aging and acne
Micro-needling— the newer, skin-care trend that is taking our country by storm, getting debuts in
all of the most popular magazines, and being written about on countless websites and blogs, is
one of the best things to ever happen to people who want to prolong youthful skin, get rid of
acne and shrink unsightly pores. There are many benefits to this simple procedure, and the
good news is that we offer micro-needling facials right here in our spa.
What is Micro-needling?
Also called derma-rolling, or collagen induction therapy, micro-needling is a simple, minimally
invasive procedure that is extremely effective in the rejuvenation of collagen in and around your
pores, causing them to appear much smaller. The procedure has the incredible ability to correct
and cause damaged or loose skin to tighten and appear much smoother, as well as reducing
wrinkle lines, stretch marks and acne scars. People all over the world are giving rave reviews
about this new skin care technique, and we are excited to offer it to you here.
How does it work?
A micro-needling procedure at Resolutions MedSpa takes place during a comfortable, facial
experience. This safe, minimally invasive procedure uses a small hand held device called a
derma roller, which an experienced esthetician or technician rolls across your skin during your
facial. The derma roller device has tiny needles upon the surface, which will gently penetrate the
surface layer of your skin in order to create stimulation of the body’s healing process, resulting
an increase of cell renewal, new collagen, elastin and reduced appearances of unsightly and
unwanted skin issues.
As the tiny derma roller needles penetrate your skin, tiny wounds are created in a controlled
manor. There may be a mild discomfort during this time, however, many clients say they have
no pain what so ever during the experience. Because of the wounds created by the roller, the
body is triggered to “heal” or fill these channels with new collagen and elastin and ultimately,
new capillaries are formed, thus improving the skin firmness, texture and beauty as well as
reducing many unwanted skin issues.
Benefits to Micro-needling
As you can probably tell, a micro-needling procedure here at Resolutions MedSpa has many
benefits. Benefits may include:
Reducing the appearance of aging
Reducing acne and acne scars
Eliminating or reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Smoothing of skin texture
Fading of stretch marks
Reducing the appearance of star tissue
Minimally invasive procedure, meaning you will have a quick recovery and healing time
Better absorption of products into your skin
If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of micro-needling for yourself, or have more
questions about the procedure, please call to schedule an appointment.