Minky Eyelash Extensions

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Minkys Eyelash Extensions Will Change Your Life! Do you wish your eyelashes were longer, thicker and fuller? Do you long for days where you could leave your house without any makeup on, still feeling beautiful and put together? We all have those days, and our eyelash dreams have finally come true! Here at Resolutions Med-spa, we offer Minkys Eyelash extension services, which will allow you to have the dreamy long lashes you have always wanted. Minkys lashes are applied to your individual lashes with 100% real faux mink fur, curved and designed to look natural, elegant, and luscious on your eyes. Lasting up to one full month with proper care, Minkys are perfect for a special occasion or for everyday wear. Here are the facts:

• Minkys Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent and with monthly touch-ups can last indefinitely.

• Minkys Faux Mink extensions are soft, flexible and truly wearable.

• Minkys Extensions are waterproof so you can shower, swim, spa and live your life with lush lashes.

• Minkys Extensions there is no need for mascara.

• The application process is like a relaxing trip to the eyelash spa.When you come to Resolutions Med Spa for lash extensions, our certified Minkys lash artists will comfortably apply each individual lash, until your eyes pop with your beautiful, full set of lashes. You can finally have the long, beautiful lashes you have always dreamed of. What are you waiting for? 

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