OPI Powder Perfection for Nails

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OPI Powder Perfection for Nails
With 29 eye-catching colors, a healthier application process, no use of harmful UV light and no
strong odors of acrylics, OPI’s dip powder nails are becoming the newest craze for women all
over the world. Resolutions Med-spa is proud to offer both clients and manicurists a healthier
and beautiful nail alternative that stays on longer, takes less time to apply (only 30 minutes
including removal of old nail-polish), and gives clients the lovely and flawless nails they dream
How OPI Powder Dip works
Once the nail technician has completely cleaned and prepped the nails, the OPI power dip
process will go as follows:
A base coat will be applied to one nail, and then that same nail will then be dipped into a
colored powder of the clients choice.
Powder will be brushed off, and then technician will move on to the other nails until all are
Using a brush, powder is completely removed from the hand and then the above steps are
A liquid applicator is then applied and while it dries, the nail technician moves to the other
Return to first hand and buff.
One more coat of liquid applicator will be applied and left to dry.
The technician finishes the process by applying a liquid top coat to each nail once or twice,
allowing it to dry between coats.
This entire process is completed with no UV light, no unwanted smells of acrylic, and can be
completed in just a half an hour.
Solid Colors, French Tips and Ombre Options
From solid colors ranging from the popular “Bubble Bath” to “Big Apple Red,” there are 29
gorgeous solid colors (and growing) to choose from. If you are a french tip or ombre lover, you
will love the options to have a beautiful french or ombre look for your nails.
Schedule to try OPI Powder Dip Today
Here at Resolutions Med-Spa, we pride ourselves in having professional technicians who will
give you the quality experience you desire. If you have questions or would like to schedule an
appointment to try OPI Powder Perfection, or to schedule another service please contact us at
(412) 380-0304.