Paraffin Facial

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Winter is harsh on your skin… Protect it now with a warm, comforting Paraffin Facial.

Paraffin helps the skin retain moisture. When the temperature gets to freezing, your skin can get chapped, red, and itchy, even cracking.

Our skin has a natural barrier that prevents the loss of moisture. Harsh weather, unsuspecting UV rays, and unfortunately aging all have a factor in moisture loss.

During the paraffin facial, Anita will gently but effectively exfoliate the dead dry skin cells. Then cover your face, hands and feet in the warm paraffin. You will receive a hand, foot, scalp, and face massage along with the decollete and neck.

Its a wonderful and beneficial experience. Your skin will look and feel healthy and youthful.

Call today for an appointment with Anita, during this winter special running from February 1st through March 16, 2019.