Nails Collage


Children’s Manicures (under 12)


Gentlemen’s Manicure (30Min)


Receive a spa scrub and revitalizing massage. Cuticles are then cared for and nails are shaped and buffed.

Multi-Vitamin Exfoliation


Get your hands to stay young. Try our exfoliating skin renewal treatment.

Naked Manicure


* Treat * Correct * Protect * (neutralize discoloration, refine nail plate surface,smooth ridges,supports cellular renewal, improve oxygenation, enhance flexibility and strength, increase hydration and resilience.

*Vitamins * Proteins * Botanical* ( B5/Panthenol to improve flexibility and decrease brittleness. E to support cellular renewal. Red Algae to improve micro circulation. Ginko to increase oxygen exchange. Sulfur Amino Acid/Protein complex to fill in pitting and cracking.

Naked Manicure – Petite


Petite Mani(30Min)


For those on the go, this includes a relaxing soak, cuticle control, nail shaping, and polish application.

Powder Dip Manicure


A healthier and beautiful nail alternative that stays on longer, takes less time to apply (only 30 minutes including removal of old nail-polish), and gives you the lovely and flawless nails you’re dreaming of.

Shellac Mani


Shellac Petite Mani

Shellac Soak Off


Signature Man


Begin with a relaxing soak followed by a gentle exfoliation. Nails and cuticles are shaped and polished, and then finished with moisturizer and a massage.

Signature Mani Plus


A Preventive Anti-Aging and Moisturizing treatment featuring an exfoliating scrub with the scent of the season. Microdermabrasion which is an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation process that leaves the skin looking softer and brighter.  A paraffin wax  to soothe aching joints and lock in moisture, improve circulation and soften rough skin,  followed by a relaxing massage.


French Hands


French to Mani


Hand Sugar Scrub


Hot Stone to Hands


Nail Repair


Paraffin Hands


Polish Change Shellac


Polish Hands


Wax Hands