Your Massage May Be Better for You Than You Think!

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Your Massage May Be Better for You Than You Think!
Everybody dreams of the moment they can walk into their favorite spa to be met with soft music,
dimmed lights, relaxing aromas, and someone there to pamper them from head to toe.
Scheduling a weekly or monthly rmassage is definitely a luxury few would turn down, however, it
is also a luxury few know the full health benefits of. Your massage may be doing more wonders
for your body, mind and soul than you know!
What is a massage?
A massage is defined by Merriam-webster dictionary as “the manipulation of tissues (as by
rubbing, kneading, or tapping) with the hand or an instrument for relaxation or therapeutic
purposes.” This “rubbing, kneading, or tapping can range from light stroking to deeper-more
intense pressure. There are many different types of massages. Feel free to contact us for more
information on massages we offer or check our website.
Health benefits of a massage
Most people who get regular massages understand that they will feel relaxed, refreshed and
rejuvenated after their session, but many do not know this type of therapy is not just offered in
luxury spas, but also in hospitals, clinics, businesses and many other locations and for good
reasons. Word is getting out that your favorite kind of pampering has many more benefits than
just leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered. Studies have shown there are also many health
benefits. Here are some of our favorites:
• Relieves many of digestive disorders
• Cures/reduces joint pain
• Helps to heal strains and tissue damage
• Helps with relieving headaches
• Helps anxiety
• Helps promote good sleep and lower risk of insomnia
• Helps sports injuries
• Boosts immune system
• Alleviates symptoms of depression
• Makes you more alert, boosting brain cells
• Increases circulation which leads to better skin
• Releases endorphins
• Gives greater energy
• Helps ease PMS symptoms including decreased water retention and bloating
• Improves positivity
• Helps you handle pressures of life better
• Increases creative thinking
Why should you book your next massage?
Here at Resolutions Med Spa, we want to ensure you have the most relaxing and beneficial
massage experience possible. Our professional therapists understand the vast benefits of
massage therapy and can help you choose the right massage option for you and your individual
needs. Please contact us at (412) 380-0304 for more information or check to see the various types of massages we offer.