Body Treatment Services


Besides being very relaxing, ear candling also greatly improves mental clarity, energy and a sense of well-being because it allows the glucose and oxygen to travel through the now clean passage ways and enter into the brain thus restoring neural functions. Ear candling has been with us for thousands of years dating back to the ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians. Even our own native American Indian tribes used this procedure. If you have or ever had Chronic or acute ear infections, hearing loss, sinus congestion, ear pain, itching, allergies, ringing (tinnitus), or vertigo (dizziness); our Ear Candle treatment may be the answer for you.


Candling – Extra Candle


Full Body Sugar Scrub Wrap

This body scrub removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and cleanses skin through exfoliation.

*Without Wrap* $65


Seaweed Wrap

A treatment that encompasses removing dead cells from the body. The dead skin is removed first with micro buffing beads. Then the warm mud is applied, after that the body is wrapped up to maintain body heat and enable the mud to work it’s powerful magic delivering copper, magnesium and zinc minerals to name a few. Seaweed is also rich in an array of antioxidants, protecting skin against pollutants such as cigarette smoke and UV rays.


Target Back Sugar Scrub

A unique blend of natural sugar cane, shea butter and cocoa butter delicately polishes dry skin, leaving the body feeling smooth and refreshed. Scent: honey sugar butter. Exfoliates and softens, leaving the skin soft and supple.